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A simple Clojure wrapper for the ROME feed parsing and manipulation library. Right now only the wrapper for feed parsing and fetching are implemented.


    ;; build-feed will automaticaly dispatch on an xml string, a filepath or an url
    ;; returns a SyndFeedImpl object
    (use 'clj-rome.reader)
    (def feed (build-feed "test/clj_rome/test/feeds/lacuisinededoria.xml"))

    ;; creating a caching fetcher
    (use 'clj-rome.fetcher)
    (def fetcher (build-url-fetcher :disk "/tmp/cache"))

    ;; using the fetcher with a cache to fetch a feed
    (def fetched
      (with-fetcher fetcher
        (retrieve-feed "")))

    ;; get-entries returns a vector of SyndEntryImpl
    (def title (get-entry-title (first (get-entries feed))))

    ;; entry2map turns SyndEntryImpl into a map with the most
    ;; generally useful fields
    (def same-title (:title (entry2map (first (get-entries feed)))))
    ;; contains :contents :authors :title :link :links :description :categories :updated-date :published-date
    ;; the dates are in clj-time format

For more documentation on ROME, see the ROME javadocs.


Copyright (C) 2012 Nils Grunwald

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.