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Gaelyk Console Plugin

Gaelyk Console Plugin serves as key-hole surgery tool for Gaelyk applications. You can use it to run scripts whithin your App Engine environement such as occasional admin tasks or just some experiments. Gaelyk shortcuts are available whitin the scripts. You can also protoype your templates.

Gaelyk Console Plugin uses Gaelyk Bootstrap Resources Plugin so you can easily update the look and feel of the console configuring this plugin.

You need to have admin rights to execute scripts and templates using this plugin. You can make scripts visible to other visitors setting GaelykConsolePlugin.allowReadOnly=true when your application initializes (e.g. in routes.groovy).


Gaelyk Console Plugin is distributed via Maven Central as binary plugin. Use following dependency in your build.gradle file:

dependencies {
    compile 'org.gaelyk:gaelyk-console:2.0'

When installed the plugin is available at http://yourapp/_ah/gaelyk-console/ URL

Common Features

You can execute, save, load and delete your scripts and templates. Script or template body and name is required if you want to save the content.


Sripts are enhanced by Gaelyk shortcuts such as datastore or search but you obviously can't use servlet specific bindings such as request or response.

There are three ways how to show script's output.

  1. using println - there resulting text is shown once the script execution is finished
  2. returning the value - the result is shown once the script execution is finished, empty values are not shown at all
  3. using report - the results are displayed immediately, this is usefull for long running tasks

Gealyk Console Script View


Templates view has two separate text area - one for writing body of the template one for initializtion. Initialization contains parameters for the template. Maps called request, response, headers, params, session is available in both inputs so you can e.g. request.attr and than simply copy paste your template to separate file when tuned up.

Templates are rendered as an iframes in the results area.

Gealyk Console Script View


Gaelyk Console Plugin






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