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Gaelyk Resources Plugin

Gaelyk Resources Plugin serves static resources packed inside Gaelyk's binary plugins.


The plugin is distributed using Maven Central as org.gaelyk:gaelyk-resources:1.1. To install the plugin declare it as compile dependency in the Gradle build file.

  dependencies {
     compile 'org.gaelyk:gaelyk-resources:1.1'

Accessing plugin files

Any files packed in resources folder of JARed binary plugin are served under /gpr/<resourcePath> URL of your application. If you have binary plugin with following structure

+ myPlugin.jar
  + resources
    + folder

the resource will be available for the application on



Resources are send with Last-Modified header with the time stamp of the original JARed file (e.g. the build time stamp) for better browser caching. If If-Modified-Since the plugin responds NOT MODIFIED until the timestamp of the JARed file changes e.g. due updated dependency.

MIME types

MIME type is derived using utility class MimeTypes. The class still needs some polishing. Feel free to contribute new MIME type or suggest the right MIME type for particular extension. You can do this directly from the GitHub interface using Edit this File button.


Gaelyk Resources Plugin



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