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search.execute {
    select author, subject, summary from User limit 100

from 'User' is search.index("User")
author, subject, summary are search.index("User").setFieldsToReturn("author", "subject", "summary")
limit is search.index("User").setLimit(limit)

// select the full document with all its properties
select all
// return just the ids of the documents matched by the query
select ids
// return one single entity if the query really returns one single result
select single
// return the count of entities matched by the query
select count
// return just a few properties 
select name, age

// from an index
from index


// you can use "and" instead of "where" to add more where clauses

// ascending sorting
sort asc  by propertyName
// descending sorting
sort desc by propertyName

// limit to only 10 results
limit 10
// return the results starting from a certain offset
offset 100

// cursor handling
startAt cursorVariable
startAt cursorWebSafeStringRepresentation
endAt cursorVariable
endAt cursorWebSafeStringRepresentation

This would indeed be nice to support that syntax, in the same vein as the Gaelyk datastore queries syntax.
You're planning on implementing that?


Still conceptualizing at this point... :)


👍 the search API is so far so bad

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@musketyr musketyr search dsl #183 a482315
@musketyr musketyr added a commit that referenced this issue May 6, 2013
@musketyr musketyr documenting new search API #183 8f51ce3
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