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Would be nice to be able to cache the result of the dsl queries in memcache, to avoid costly rountrips to the datastore.
Both datastore.execute {} and datastore.get() could benefit from such an approach.


I started working on a plugin a while back that added datastore.mget and datastore.mput

We wouldn't want to have datastore.get check memcache because then we could not use it in transactions as I believe there would be no way to check for a ConcurrentModificationException

Queries are a little bit tricky when you are dealing with results that change a lot. I explored key only queries for that and then getting an array of entities from memcache and then getting any missing results via a datastore array fetch.

I would like to see query caching, but we would need support for both cursors and offsets as well as obviously setting an expiration time.

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