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Scilab program to determine the genre of a music piece
Scilab R
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Music Genre Detection in Scilab

This is based on this article :


This program is used to determine the genre of a musical piece. It uses 5 features based on the FFT that are described in the article (link above). I have not implemented the wavelet-based features that are also described.

At the moment, the program can only determine whether a piece is electronic music or classical music.

Method and content

The program analysis.sce computes the 5 features for a given music piece. "logit.R" takes data points and calculates a logit regression. The program predict.sce uses the logit to tell whether the piece is electronic music or classical music.


I trained the model with 4 points and tested it on 4 other points and it works (see analysis.sce).


  • Use a bigger training set
  • Use KNN instead of logit so we can handle more genres
  • Port this to another language
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