A script to read kwallet files and dump its contents to stdout
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A Python script to dump contents of a .kwl kwallet file for accessing passwords away from KDE desktop. Should work on wallets created on KDE 4 (written on KDE 4.10).

The output is not polished because it serves a simple utility - to get passwords when not around a KDE desktop. Pipe the output to grep to make it more usable.

If you are looking to get Chrome passwords out of this - it'll be a bit difficult because Chrome stores the passwords in a serialized blob and you'll have to decipher that format. For everything else - Firefox, Telepathy, Amarok, Wifi passwords, other apps which store passwords - it works perfectly fine.


Easiest way to install is to use pip which will fetch the dependencies automatically

pip install kwallet-dump


  • Fields:

    • Type of KWallet entry - there are 3 - Password, Binary Data and Map. The sample output here shows the third format
    • Folder name
    • Key name
    • Value - Value is a tuple when entry type is a Map
  • Sample Output:

      [3, 'Firefox', 'admin,,DD-WRT,', ('usernameField', '')]
      [3, 'Firefox', 'admin,,DD-WRT,', ('username', 'user')]
      [3, 'Firefox', 'admin,,DD-WRT,', ('passwordField', '')]
      [3, 'Firefox', 'admin,,DD-WRT,', ('password', 'password')]
      [3, 'Firefox', 'admin,,DD-WRT,', ('httpRealm', 'DD-WRT')]
      [3, 'Firefox', 'admin,,DD-WRT,', ('hostname', '')]
      [3, 'Firefox', 'admin,,DD-WRT,', ('formSubmitURL', '')]


  • Python 2 or 3
  • pycrypto (for decoding Blowfish)