A Flocking/Emergence test program, written in C++ using Qt5 for the UI
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UPDATE : This project is on hold until the SDL-based version of the project reaches the same functionnality

Implementation of Emergence through flocking autonomous agents in C++. This little project is inspired by Tech.io nice tutorial on the subject, and aims to make me play with graphical components/libraries in C++.


The application (compilation and execution) has only been tested with :

  • CMake 3.8 (to use directly Qt5::Widgets in target_link_libraries)
  • Qt 5.9.2
  • GCC 7.2.1

It might work with other versions (it works on Travis Continuous Integration), but it is not guaranteed.


  • Add "food" and "enemies" objects (to go to, or to avoid)
  • Add roles to ants
    • and provide mechanisms to change role
  • Create a Menu bar to control the simulation
    • Put placeholder items in the menubar
    • Add new ants (Maybe with left-click on the field)
    • Kill a random ant ( or an ant with a low "score" )
    • Stop the simulation
    • Step the simulation
    • Play the simulation
  • Decision strategies
    • ...and add some sliders in a dock widget to control their weights in runtime
  • Proper drawing for ants
  • Use QTest to benchmark the physics engine