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Autonomous agents using Qt5, revisited

What is this ?


This is a revisit of the Flocking project I started in Qt. After playing with SDL, and choosing that Qt is better for UI, I come back to Qt with the intent of making a better architecture, with tried and true design patterns learned during OSSU-sanctioned courses. The ultimate goal is to allow better maintainability and upgrade possibilities.


For the time being there is not much to do with it. I am learning how to design properly software, therefore I am still working on paper to write the best specifications and class architecture I can to make this as clean as possible.

It means that the repository is only a small stub for now, with basic CMakeLists and a little file organisation taken from earlier projects.

As such, for the time being issues and PR I did not author will be ignored, and pushes will be made to master until a working version of the project is reached. “Working” means taking at least 1 command line argument for the count of agents the world should start with, and proper simulation afterwards.


These dependencies are “minimal” mostly because they correspond to my environment and the CI env :

  • Qt 5.10.1
  • CMake 3.8

How to play with it

The current CMake configuration overrides the default install location, so there are no system implications about making the install target.

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make install

Current mappings are printed on STDOUT when launching the simulation. (Menu is only eye candy and non-functional, use the keyboard and the mouse to interact)


I would like to thank Jesus Alvarez (@demizer) for providing an easy to find specifications template.


A Flocking/Emergence test program, written in Qt5




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