Reproducible Selenium setup for use with fakechroot
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Reproducible Selenium setup for use with fakechroot.

The aim of this project is creating a configuration where Selenium can be run for several browsers and will behave exactly as it does when using the selenium images for Docker, i.e. will produce bit for bit the same screenshots and so on. This can be used for regression tests, e.g. on Travis CI. Since it builds on fakechroot, normal user privileges are sufficient, and sudo is not required.

At the moment, only Firefox is supported. Chrome will apparently require some more work.


To use the project, download and extract the binary tarball of a release of your choice. It will extract to a directory of the same name, which contains, among other things, a file called

If that script is invoked with no arguments, it will simply launch the Selenium server, returning the PID for the process that should be terminated once the Selenium server is no longer needed.

If, on the other hand, the file is invoked with additional arguments, those will be interpreted as a command which is to be run while the Selenium server is running. The server will get stopped automatically after that command completes.


Simply invoke ./ and it will build a selenium-chroot.tar.gz.


This project is subject to the MIT license. But note that this only refers to the collection of tools used to turn the official Selenium Docker images into something that works in a chroot-like setup. The content of these images is not subject to that license, so neither is the resulting tarball.