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v1.2.1 (20 Feb 2014)
Added a check to ensure that a callback is passed when the "include" option
is enabled.
v1.2.0 (07 Feb 2014)
The sections now can contain a namespace chain, that is, dot-separated
sections can be split up like dot-separated properties.
Fixed variable expansion when the "namespace" option is enabled.
Minor improvements.
v1.1.3 (07 Dec 2013)
When a namespace chain is invalid it now returns an error.
v1.1.2 (22 Oct 2013)
Bugfix stringifying characters when "unicode" was true (improved ISO 8859-1
v1.1.1 (14 Oct 2013)
Bugfix when "parse()" was called with only 1 parameter.
v1.1.0 (12 Oct 2013)
Removed "json" parsing option (improved parsing speed).
Removed "Stringifier.from()".
Removed optional parameter from "stringifier()".
Renamed "stringifier()" to "createStringifier()".
v1.0.4 (07 Sep 2013)
When "namespaces" are in use the objects are merged correctly.
When "path" is used the callback is called correctly.
v1.0.3 (16 Aug 2013)
The paths from the imported files are relative to the current file.
v1.0.2 (16 Aug 2013)
Minor bugfixes with sections that don't end with "]".
v1.0.1 (11 Aug 2013)
Some bugfixes including files.
v1.0.0 (08 Aug 2013)
Complete refactor from scratch.
Improved reading speed by ~45%. This new version iterates the data only once
while the previous version was a direct port from the Java source code and
was iterating four times over the same data.
Improved writing speed by ~77%.
All the dependencies have been removed.
If the sections are enabled the properties should be stringified using a
Stringifier instead of giving a raw object.
"load()" and "store" have been removed and "parse()" and "stringify()" can
read and write from/to files with the "path" option.
Added "json" option to "parse()". When it is enabled stringified json arrays
and objects are parsed into javascript arrays and objects.
Added "namespaces" option to "parse()". When it is enabled the dots in the
keys will be interpreted as namespaces.
Added "vars" option to "parse()". When the variables are enabled and a
variable does not exist it first looks into the "vars" object before
throwing an error. It can be used to pass environment variables.
Added "strict" option to "parse()". When it is enabled the parser will only
consider as coments and separators the tokens included in the "comments"
and "separators" options.
Added "include" option to "parse()". The "include" key can be used to import
other files.
Removed "bufferSize" and "encoding" options. Files are read using a 16KB
buffer size and utf8 encoding.
Removed the "pretty" option from "stringify()". The required code to
accomplish the column limit is too complex and the feature is rarely used.
This option contains bugs in the previous versions. The overall stringify
speed is faster.
The stringify replacer must be a function. Cannot be an array like in previous
Some bugfixes with escaped backslashes.
Some bugfixes with whitespace values.
Some bugfixes with sections.
Some bugfixes with "stringify()".
v0.3.3 (12 Jan 2013)
Fixed column width in pretty feature.
v0.3.2 (04 Jan 2013)
Removed "config()".
v0.3.1 (01 Jan 2013)
Fixed pretty print with sections and comments.
v0.3.0 (30 Dec 2012)
Added "reviver" callback setting to "load()".
Added "replacer" callback setting to "store()".
Added "pretty" setting to "store()".
Added "stringify()".
Added "parse()".
Merged enhanced-properties module with this module.
Added sections feature.
Added custom characters feature.
Added variable substitution feature.
v0.2.0 (14 Dec 2012)
Complete code revision and refactor.
Non printable characters (C0 and C1 control codes) are converted to unicode
string representations regardless the encoding.
Added "config()".
v0.1.13 (30 Jul 2012)
Added the option to pass the file encoding, by default is utf8.
v0.1.12 (29 Jul 2012)
Fixed error when "get()" was called with not existent key.
v0.1.11 (23 Jul 2012)
Fixed case sensitivity.
v0.1.10 (22 Jul 2012)
The empty keys now have a "null" value instead of an empty string.
v0.1.9 (22 Jul 2012)
Added "remove()" method.
v0.1.8 (21 Jul 2012)
Added the option to configure the case sensitivity.
v0.1.7 (02 May 2012)
Changed the way to require the class.
Now: "var Properties = require ("properties");".
Inside the "load()" and "store()" callbacks, "this" points to the object
Some maintenance.
v0.1.6 (02 May 2012)
Fixed source code to support the new `BufferedReader` settings.
v0.1.5 (28 Apr 2012)
Added "buffered-writer" dependency.
v0.1.4 (21 Apr 2012)
Added "buffered-writer" dependency.
v0.1.3 (16 Apr 2012)
Removed "getFileName()", internal function.
v0.1.2 (15 Apr 2012)
The property value is now converted to a string before persisting.
v0.1.1 (15 Apr 2012)
Now it's possible to add comments for each key-value pair. A header comment
can also be added.
v0.1.0 (15 Apr 2012)
First release.
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