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1 parent bb04b57 commit caa17aad40d92354388c9a6c1f8d3bd99f6bc47b Gabriel Llamas committed Feb 21, 2014
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6 lib/read.js
@@ -223,13 +223,13 @@ var build = function (data, options, dirname, cb){
var reviverLine = {};
//Line handler
- //For speed reasons, if namespaces are enabled the old object is still
+ //For speed reasons, if "namespaces" is enabled, the old object is still
//populated, e.g.: ${a.b} reads the "a.b" property from { "a.b": 1 }, instead
//of having a unique object { a: { b: 1 } } which is slower to search for
//the "a.b" value
//If "a.b" is not found, then the external vars are read. If "namespaces" is
- //enabled the var "a.b" is split and it searches for a.b. If it is not enabled
- //then the var "a.b" searches for "a.b"
+ //enabled, the var "a.b" is split and it searches the a.b value. If it is not
+ //enabled, then the var "a.b" searches the "a.b" value
var line;
var error;

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