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v0.1.1 (16 Oct 2013)
Minor speed improvements.
v0.1.0 (15 Oct 2013)
Renamed "function" event to "test".
Minor improvements.
v0.0.8 (23 Jul 2013)
Bugfix with the "end" event. Couldn't start another benchmark.
v0.0.7 (17 Jul 2013)
Modified general information printed in console.
v0.0.6 (13 Jul 2013)
The results of each test are now returned when they are available.
The API has been modified.
Now an event emitter will be returned instead of passing a callback to the
run() function.
The output stream can be set (stdout, file, socket...).
v0.0.5 (12 Jul 2013)
Added standard error in percentage.
v0.0.4 (07 Jul 2013)
Result is returned in ops/sec.
Added high resolution timer for better precision: "process.hrtime()".
Removed "multiplier()".
"runs()" renamed to "samples()".
v0.0.3 (07 Jul 2013)
Speed improvements.
"amplifier()" renamed to "multiplier()".
v0.0.2 (05 Jul 2013)
Minor changes.
v0.0.1 (04 Jul 2013)
First release.
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