Message of the Day for the Raspberry Pi.
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Message of the Day for the Raspberry Pi

Written in pure Bash. No need to install any package. Tested with the Arch Linux ARM and Raspbian distributions.

Download and save the bash script in the Raspberry Pi. Remember to add execution permissions and change the owner:

$ sudo chown root:root
$ sudo chmod +x

The following steps may vary depending on the OS. Arch Linux ARM is assumed.

  • Autoexecute the script when the user logs in. There are multiple locations from where you can start the script, for example using the /etc/profile. Save the script in the directory /etc/profile.d and it will be executed after the login. More about autostarting scripts.

  • Remove the default MOTD. It is located in /etc/motd.

    $ sudo rm /etc/motd
  • Remove the "last login" information. Disable the PrintLastLog option from the sshd service. Edit the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and uncomment the line #PrintLastLog yes:

    $ sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config


    #PrintLastLog yes


    PrintLastLog no

    Restart the sshd service:

    $ sudo systemctl restart sshd

Note: If you don't see the degree Celsius character correctly (º) make sure you have enabled a UTF8 locale (Arch Linux locales).