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LandIce: always request surf grad interpolation

This fixes some builds that enable CISM, but still want to test
standalone LandIce. So far, StokesFOBase would not build an
evaluator for the surface height gradient if CISM was enabled,
assuming that CISM would provide one. However, the field provided
by CISM and the one computed with the usual DOFGradInterpolation
evaluator have different names, so we can safely build both
evaluators, and let PHX discard the one that is not needed.
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bartgol committed Jan 29, 2019
1 parent 3495376 commit d5065a8736dbecc61144f7d75522242738103aa6
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  1. +0 −2 src/LandIce/problems/LandIce_StokesFOBase.cpp
@@ -527,10 +527,8 @@ void StokesFOBase::setupEvaluatorRequests ()
requestInterpolationEvaluator(dof_names[0], FieldLocation::Node, InterpolationRequest::QP_VAL);
requestInterpolationEvaluator(dof_names[0], FieldLocation::Node, InterpolationRequest::GRAD_QP_VAL);
requestInterpolationEvaluator(surface_height_name, FieldLocation::Node, InterpolationRequest::QP_VAL);
// If not coupled with cism, we may have to compute the surface gradient ourselves
requestInterpolationEvaluator(surface_height_name, FieldLocation::Node, InterpolationRequest::GRAD_QP_VAL);
if (is_input_field[temperature_name]) {
requestInterpolationEvaluator(temperature_name, FieldLocation::Node, InterpolationRequest::CELL_VAL);

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