Albany performance on next generation platforms

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##References for Albany performance-portability

  • I. Demeshko, J. Watkins, I. Tezaur, O. Guba, W. Spotz, A. Salinger, R. Pawlowski, M. Heroux. "Towards performance-portability of the Albany finite element analysis code using the Kokkos library", J. HPC Appl. (2018), 1-23 [HTML] [PDF].
    • Currently the only published paper specifically on Albany performance-portability of the finite element assembly in Albany. Results are given for the Aeras next-generation atmosphere model.
  • J. Watkins, I. Tezaur. "Performance Portability of the Aeras Atmosphere Model to Next Generation Architectures using Kokkos". Sandia Laboratories Report, Sand No. 2016-10327. Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM (2016). [PDF]
    • Focus is on Aeras next-generation atmosphere model.
    • This reference includes detailed build and run instructions with Serial, OpenMP and CUDA KokkosNode on Shannon and Titan.
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