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1. When configuring Albany, I get the error:

Could not find a package configuration file provided by "Trilinos" with any of the following names:

TrilinosConfig.cmake trilinos-config.cmake


The error you are seeing is indicating that the Albany configure process cannot find the location of your installation of Trilinos. Common problems may be that 1) Trilinos was built, but it was not installed, or that there is a typo in the “-DTRILINOS_INSTALL_DIR=xxxx” string in the Albany configuration.

First, make sure that you have “installed” Trilinos. As an example, say that your Trilinos git repo is cloned at /home/user/repos/Trilinos.git, and you make a build directory at /home/user/build/Trilinos. In your build directory:


you would perform your “configure”, “make”, and then “make install” to build and install Trilinos.

In your Trilinos configure step above, make sure you explicitly set the install directory, perhaps something like “-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/home/user/install/Trilinos” so the above “make install” should place the installation there.

Now, in your Albany configure step, set your “-DTRILINOS_INSTALL_DIR=/home/user/install/Trilinos” and configure.

The error you are seeing is because the Albany configure cannot find your “installed” file – using the above example it should be at /home/user/install/Trilinos/lib/cmake/Trilinos/TrilinosConfig.cmake

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