Information about Aeras MDRange

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The aeras-mdrange branch of Albany contains a modification of Aeras which utilizes Kokkos::MDRangePolicy to improve the performance of the Shallow Water TC5 and 3D Hydrostatic baroclinic instability test cases for high-order discretizations. The branch is located here.

The branch has been tested with Trilinos and Kokkos commit numbers 4a8b7ce13614558b9839e029f3b502eb3bdddca6 and aed197c676e1edff4861d6b73ec8f8b1d359cacd, respectively, where the corresponding Kokkos package is replaced with the Kokkos package in Trilinos. Cmake configuration files for Trilinos and Albany can be found here.

Third party software which has been tested with this build includes:

  • cmake 3.5.2, 3.6.2
  • gcc 5.4.0
  • intel 17.0.098
  • openmpi 1.10.4
  • boost 1.55.0, 1.60.0
  • openblas 0.2.19
  • netcdf 4.4.1
  • pnetcdf 1.6.1, 1.7.0
  • hdf5 1.8.17

Builds for GPUs have also been tested with cuda 8.0.44 with the CUDA_MANAGED_FORCE_DEVICE_ALLOC and CUDA_LAUNCH_BLOCKING flags turned on.

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