Instructions for obtaining sems modules on SRN RHEL workstation located in SNL CA

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The sems team at Sandia provides modules for many of the compilers/TPLs necessary for building Trilinos and Albany. These modules can be installed for use on RHEL machines on Sandia's SRN or SON networks.

Unfortunately, the standard approach for obtaining the sems modules ( does not work on machines located in SNL/CA. This is because it is not possible to ping the machines with the modules (sherlock, watson) from the SNL/CA network due to the firewall.

Jonathan Hu ( has made it possible to get the sems modules on an SNL/CA machine on the SRN, fortunately. Here is how this can be done:

  1. Email Jonathan Hu ( the name of your machine so he can add it to his list of machines that can access the modules.
  2. Create new /projects directory (if it does not exist already):
sudo mkdir /projects
  1. Edit the /etc/fstab file on your machine (requires elevation to sudo). Add the following line to it: /projects nfs defaults,ro 0 0
  1. Run the following command (if you get an error the /projects is already mounted, first do sudo umount /projects, then try again):
sudo mount -a 
  1. Run the following command:
sudo ln -s /projects/sems/modulefiles/utils/ /etc/profile.d/
  1. Run the following command:
source /etc/profile.d/

Now, when you do module avail, you should see "sems-env" appear.

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