Simple Albany Configuration

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Albany inherits most of its build information from Trilinos. To configure Albany with CMake, the only required option is to specify the path to an installed Trilinos.

	cmake \
	      -D ALBANY_TRILINOS_DIR:FILEPATH="/home/me/Trilinos/install-basic" \

The Trilinos installation path should match the $TRILINSTALLDIR from the Trilinos build process.

There are numerous options in the Albany configuration to enable or disable various physics sets and algorithmic options. These choices are all echoed to the screen during the cmake step.

Checking which Albany physics sets are enabled:
-- DEMO_PDES is Enabled, compiling with -DALBANY_DEMO_PDES
-- LCM       is Enabled, compiling with -DALBANY_LCM
-- ATO       is Enabled, compiling with -DALBANY_ATO
-- PERIDIGM  is NOT Enabled.
-- QCAD      is Enabled, compiling with -DALBANY_QCAD
-- FELIX     is Enabled, compiling with -DALBANY_FELIX
-- > CISM_INTERFACE     is NOT Enabled.
-- > MPAS_INTERFACE     is NOT Enabled.
-- Aeras     is Enabled, compiling with -DALBANY_AERAS
-- LAME      is NOT Enabled.
-- ASCR      is NOT Enabled.
-- HYDRIDE   is NOT Enabled.
-- GOAL      is NOT Enabled.
-- AMP       is NOT Enabled.
-- APF       is NOT Enabled.
-- MOR       is NOT Enabled.
-- AlbanyCI  is NOT Enabled.
-- SCOREC    is NOT Enabled.
-- Catalyst  is NOT Enabled.
-- SG        is NOT Enabled.
-- ENSEMBLE  is NOT Enabled.
-- CONTACT   is NOT Enabled.

To enable an option, such as QCAD, add


to the cmake configuration script.

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