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Read PEPs in your console

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Installing PepDocs

PepDocs is available at PyPI. You can install it using Pip:

$ python -m pip install pepdocs

Using PepDocs

To read a PEP in your console, use the pep command line command:

$ pep 8

Use pep --help to see available options.

You can also call PepDocs from your own scripts. In that case, use pepdocs.get():

import pepdocs
pep8 = pepdocs.get(8)

Installing From Source

You can always download the latest version of PepDocs from GitHub. PepDocs uses Flit as a setup tool.

To install PepDocs from the downloaded source, run Flit:

$ python -m flit install --deps production

If you want to change and play with the PepDocs source code, you should install it in editable mode:

$ python -m flit install --symlink