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Determining the Gaia survey selection function. Funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 101004110


  1. gaiaunlimited gaiaunlimited Public

    Code for GaiaUnlimited Gaia selection function tools

    Python 20 4

  2. community-example-applications community-example-applications Public

    Example applications of selection functions and GaiaUnlimited tools contributed by the community

    Jupyter Notebook 2

  3. WD-selection-function WD-selection-function Public

    APW's version of HWR's WD selection function notebook

    Jupyter Notebook 4 1

  4. community-workshop1 community-workshop1 Public

    GaiaUnlmited Community Workshop 1

    Python 1 2

  5. community-workshop2 community-workshop2 Public

    GaiaUnlmited Community Workshop 2

    Python 1

  6. community-workshop3 community-workshop3 Public

    GaiaUnlmited Community Workshop 3

    Python 1


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