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For version 1.0:
- Recognise 'alias :name' tokens
- include the argument list and an end of line $ pattern (at least the
first opening parenthesis should be included in the pattern)
- indicate whether the entry is a c(lass), a m(odule), or a f (method)
like ctags
- Add switch for not following symlinks
- Fix class Foo::Bar to show as such in the TAGS file
- Find modules with double colon notation like "BIO::MODULE::IO"
- Cache class names so classes can be found that lack an initialize
- Provide - command line switch, allowing for
find . -name '*.rb' -print | rtags -
Apart from adding the - switch at some point in the future it would
be neat to have smarter tags. For one, if a class has not initialize
method we would like to jump to the class definition on If we were to store the tags we find in memory
(instead of just writing them out, as is the current behaviour) it
would be trivial to implement.
Also some tokens (alias) and multilines are not handled correctly.
cd ./test ruby ../bin/rtags -R
and you get
Warn: parse error in <./data/report.rb> in line 170, pos 4
which is an unrecognised alias.
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