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Simple company blog for your Rails app

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Kublog is a complete yet simple way to have a Product Blog that integrates with your apps user base. It includes social sharing, atom feeds and moderated comments.

Built for Rails 3.1, Kublog is a complete stack, fully configurable solution.

Currently in alpha and under continuous development, hackers welcome.


  • Publish posts with the most basic and simple wysiwyg

  • Attach multiple images to your content

  • Share your posts on your Product's Twitter Page and Facebook Fan Page

  • E-mail personalized versions of your posts to your users

  • Optional background processing with Delayed Job

  • Moderated comments from apps users, apps admins, and visitors

  • Atom feed for main blog and individual post categories

What you need

  • Ruby 1.9.x

  • Rails 3.1

  • Bundler


Require in your Gemfile

gem 'kublog', '0.0.1'

Migrate the Kublog posts into your database

rake kublog:install:migrations

Mount Kublog on your routes file

mount Kublog::Engine => "/blog(.:format)"

How to Use

On your user model:

include Kublog::Author
include Kublog::Notifiable

User Integration

Kublog User Integration depends on two functioning methods living on Kublog::ApplicationController

  • current_user

  • is_admin?

Basic User Management

If you are currently storing your users on session[:user_id] and have the method admin? for your user class, things should just work.


Replace this line

include UserIntegration::Common

With this line

include UserIntegration::Devise

Uber custom user integration

Override current_user, is_admin? methods for Kublog::ApplicationController

Override admin? for your Kublog::Author class

TODO: Better docs

Custom Integration, Social Networks and Image Uploading

Take a look at this example configuration:

Kublog.setup do |config|

  config.blog_name = 'Rutanet'
  config.default_url_options = {:host => ''}
  config.notification_processing = :immediate # or :delayed_job     

  config.user_kinds = %w(shipper carrier logistics)

  config.image_storage = :file # or :s3

  config.twitter do |twitter|
    twitter.consumer_key = 'xxx'
    twitter.consumer_secret = 'xxx'
    twitter.oauth_token = 'xxx'
    twitter.oauth_token_secret = 'xxx'

  config.facebook_page_token = 'xxx'


TODO: More docs

Will include much more documentation as development continues, please be patient.

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