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Filtering is sometimes needed when the output of Python Call Graph is overwhelming, or if you want to only measure a small portion of your program. The filtering guide below is based on the example.

Let's demonstrate with a class that can eat a banana:

.. literalinclude:: filtering/

No Filter

The code to measure it without any configuration, apart from the output file:

.. literalinclude:: filtering/

The Graphviz output after running the measurement code:


Hide the secret

Probably need to hide that secret_function. Create a :ref:`GlobbingFilter <globbing_filter>` which excludes secret_function along with pycallgraph so we don't see the internals. Add that filter to the config option called trace_filter:

.. literalinclude:: filtering/

And the output:


You can also use "include" as well as "exclude" in the :ref:`GlobbingFilter <globbing_filter>`.

Maximum Depth

Let's say you're only interested in the first level of calls. You can specify this using config.max_depth:

.. literalinclude:: filtering/

And the output: