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Python Google Chart

pygooglechart is a complete Python wrapper for the Google Chart API.

pygooglechart works with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.


from pygooglechart import PieChart3D

# Create a chart object of 250x100 pixels
chart = PieChart3D(250, 100)

# Add some data
chart.add_data([20, 10])

# Assign the labels to the pie data
chart.set_pie_labels(['Hello', 'World'])

# Print the chart URL
print chart.get_url()

# Download the chart'pie-hello-world.png')

There are more examples in the examples directory.


There are a few ways of installing it from source:

If you have setuptools installed, simply run the following:

easy_install pygooglechart

Or get the sources and run:

python install
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