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@gakada gakada released this Apr 1, 2016 · 2 commits to master since this release

  • Fixes for today's API changes.
  • Other fixes: JST in Horizontal Mode, sorting by current HP in Ship List, fixed next-remodeling tooltips when level >= remodeling level (also displaying exp. for lv 99 and 155).
  • Previous translation updates included.
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@gakada gakada released this Feb 9, 2016 · 3 commits to master since this release

  • Choosable materials on the top bar (up to 8 materials, click on a material to change, choose blank line to hide), adjustments to the layout (more materials should fit in vertical mode).
  • Sortie info (current map and node, a.k.a. compass prediction, battle rank on result screen) in Overview and Fleet views.
  • JST in Overview.
  • HP column in Ship List.
  • Support for higher ship levels (151-155) in exp. calculator and logger.
  • More tooltips:
    • Repair time for HP in Ship List.
    • Next remodeling level and exp. required on "exp. for next level" elements.
    • Firepower + torpedo in ship tooltips.
  • Logger/LogViewer:
    • Support for custom Logger folder (Settings -> Other).
    • Map node labels (A, B, C, etc.) in Drop logger, make sure to update the header (now Date,Result,Map,Node,Enemy Fleet,Rank) in ShipDropLog.csv for LogViewer.
    • Battle logger (Battle.csv: Date,Fleets,Map,Node,Rank,HQExp,MVP,Ships,Exps), to track battle history (MVPs, experience, number of battles).
    • Sortie logger (Sortie.csv: Date,Fleets,Map,From,To,Ships), to track sortie history (branching, number of sorties).
  • Moving settings to AppData\roaming\gakada to prevent conflicts with other KCVs, bumped settings version and changed some default values, make sure to reconfigure. Also, v3.8.2r560 and earlier versions will get translation updates less frequently.
  • Plugins:
    • CodeA update (support for combined fleet, more enemy data, support for enemy data updating) and fixes.
    • EventMapHpViewer, same old version.
    • BattleInfoPlugin, untranslated kcv-v3 build (enemy IDs added).
    • SaveResponsePlugin (settings added), move SaveResponsePlugin.dll from PluginsExtra directory to Plugins to enable.
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@gakada gakada released this Nov 17, 2015 · 20 commits to master since this release

Updates (following upstream):

  • Support for reinforcement expansion (extra slots displayed in Fleet Menu/Fleet Window/Ship List and counted in Equipment List)
  • Updating views on fleet preset changes and equipment D&D
  • Updated Air Power formula
  • Hide DMM top bar


  • Simple quest logger (Date, API ID and title); Open CSV button in Log Viewer
  • More stats in ship tooltips (including equipment)
  • Fuel/Ammo/Steel/Bauxite on the top bar
  • Latest translations included
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@gakada gakada released this Sep 20, 2015 · 30 commits to master since this release

  • Plane rank counters in Equipment List. Also, displayed as blue |, ||, ||| or orange , , \, >> everywhere.
  • New Air Power formula, e.g. 335-358 in Status Bar or in Fleet Details means from 335 to 358 Air Power (most likely close to 358).
  • Translations: updated, wiki codes for quests (A1, Bd1, etc.), support Chinese (simplified and traditional) translations from KanColleViewer-Translations.
  • Charts for material logs, launch from Charts/chrome.bat or use Charts button in Log Viewer plugin (Chrome required).
  • Levels Logger: log within levels each 10000 exp. points, added exp. points column, ship IDs, logging for HQ levels and exp.
  • Experience tooltips for ship and HQ levels.
  • Slow Battleships button in Ship List and other adjustments for ship types buttons.
  • Settings: logging turned on by default, ability to add untranslated items to translation files removed.
  • Fix for shortcut problems.
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@gakada gakada released this Aug 18, 2015 · 45 commits to master since this release

Summer 2015 event and 8/10/2015 update support:

  • Aircraft Proficiency ranks in equipment tooltips and Fleet Details window (not supported in Equipment List yet).
  • Ship-locking tags in Ship List.
  • Event maps support in MapHP plugin.
  • Translations for new quests, ships, equipment, etc. (via KCV-Localisation/KanColleViewer-Translations).
  • New equipment icons (Yuubari's commit).


  • Bucket and dev. mat. counters on the top bar.
  • One-time quests in Quests view.
  • Logging for expeditions, ship levels, screws.
  • CodeA plugin (translated).
  • Japanese tooltips for equipment names, ship types, quest and expedition titles and descriptions.
  • More stats in ship tooltips.
  • Few other fixes.
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