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Bumps [serde-wasm-bindgen]( from 0.4.3 to 0.4.5.
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Complete Ethereum and Celo wallet implementation and utilities in Rust

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Extensive documentation and examples are available here.

Alternatively, you may clone the repository and run cd ethers/ && cargo doc --open

You can also run any of the examples by executing: cargo run -p ethers --example <name>

Add ethers-rs to your repository


ethers = { git = "" }

Running the tests

Tests require the following installed:

  1. solc (>=0.8.10). We also recommend using solc-select for more flexibility.
  2. anvil
  3. geth

In addition, it is recommended that you set the ETHERSCAN_API_KEY environment variable for the abigen via Etherscan tests. You can get one here.

EVM-compatible chains support

There are many chains live which are Ethereum JSON-RPC & EVM compatible, but do not yet have support for EIP-2718 Typed Transactions. This means that transactions submitted to them by default in ethers-rs will have invalid serialization. To address that, you must use the legacy feature flag:


ethers = { git = "", features = ["legacy"] }

Polygon support

There is abigen support for Polygon and the Mumbai test network. It is recommended that you set the POLYGONSCAN_API_KEY environment variable. You can get one here.

Avalanche support

There is abigen support for Avalanche and the Fuji test network. It is recommended that you set the SNOWTRACE_API_KEY environment variable. You can get one here.

Celo Support

Celo support is turned on via the feature-flag celo:


ethers = { git = "", features = ["celo"] }

Celo's transactions differ from Ethereum transactions by including 3 new fields:

  • fee_currency: The currency fees are paid in (None for CELO, otherwise it's an Address)
  • gateway_fee_recipient: The address of the fee recipient (None for no gateway fee paid)
  • gateway_fee: Gateway fee amount (None for no gateway fee paid)

The feature flag enables these additional fields in the transaction request builders and in the transactions which are fetched over JSON-RPC.


  • Ethereum JSON-RPC Client
  • Interacting and deploying smart contracts
  • Type safe smart contract bindings code generation
  • Querying past events
  • Event monitoring as Streams
  • ENS as a first class citizen
  • Celo support
  • Polygon support
  • Avalanche support
  • Websockets / eth_subscribe
  • Hardware Wallet Support
  • Parity APIs (tracing, parity_blockWithReceipts)
  • Geth TxPool API
  • WASM Bindings (see note)
  • FFI Bindings (see note)
  • CLI for common operations


Websockets support is turned on via the feature-flag ws:


ethers = { git = "", features = ["ws"] }

Interprocess Communication (IPC)

IPC support is turned on via the feature-flag ipc:


ethers = { git = "", features = ["ipc"] }


If you are looking to connect to a HTTPS endpoint, then you need to enable the rustls or openssl feature. feature-flags.

To enable rustls:


ethers = { git = "", features = ["rustls"] }

To enable openssl:


ethers = { git = "", features = ["openssl"] }

Note on WASM and FFI bindings

You should be able to build a wasm app that uses ethers-rs (see the example for reference). If ethers fails to compile in WASM, please open an issue. There is currently no plan to provide an official JS/TS-accessible library interface. we believe ethers.js serves that need very well.

Similarly, you should be able to build FFI bindings to ethers-rs. If ethers fails to compile in c lib formats, please open an issue. There is currently no plan to provide official FFI bindings, and as ethers-rs is not yet stable 1.0.0, its interface may change significantly between versions.

Getting Help

First, see if the answer to your question can be found in the API documentation. If the answer is not there, try opening an issue with the question.

Join the ethers-rs telegram to chat with the community!


Thanks for your help improving the project! We are so happy to have you! We have a contributing guide to help you get involved in the ethers-rs project.

If you make a Pull Request, do not forget to add your changes in the CHANGELOG and ensure your code is properly formatted with cargo +nightly fmt and clippy is happy cargo clippy, you can even try to let clippy fix simple issues itself: cargo +nightly clippy --fix -Z unstable-options

Related Projects

This library would not have been possibly without the great work done in:

A lot of the code was inspired and adapted from them, to a unified and opinionated interface, built with async/await and std futures from the ground up.

Projects using ethers-rs


Complete Ethereum & Celo library and wallet implementation in Rust.




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