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@shensu shensu released this Apr 27, 2019

Fix PoS difficulty transition

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@shensu shensu released this Mar 29, 2019

  • Added Stakenodes
  • Added Stake Contracts
  • Fork network to PoS at block 337000
  • Integrated Segregated Witness
  • Reward change at block 350000
  • Removed Sentinel requirement
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@shensu shensu released this Nov 19, 2018

This update includes many internal core updates. These updates cover a wide range of internal fixes for stability and security including:

  • Per-UTXO database fix
  • Recent masternode list used to bootstrap seeds
  • Mining transaction selection ("Child Pays for Parent")
  • Old superblock flag removed
  • Introduction of devnet
  • Improved initial sync
  • Lots of backports, refactoring and bug fixes
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@shensu shensu released this Mar 24, 2018

This update changes the masternode payments as outlined in the white paper. This is a required update.

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@shensu shensu released this Dec 28, 2017


  • Fixed wallet repair tab in tools
  • Radio icons are more visible
  • Simplified send page
  • Improved UI color scheme
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@shensu shensu released this Dec 15, 2017

This update is required


  • Update Masternode payments to December 21st
  • Activate DGW at block height 4000 (to fix pool hash rates)
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@shensu shensu released this Dec 12, 2017

Release v1.1.2


  • New Wallet Launched
  • Fixed log file filling up disk space
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