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Gala is a platform for the collaborative study of media-rich teaching cases.

Install and Setup

You will need to have the following prerequisites installed locally in order to run Gala:

  • Ruby 2.6.6
  • Rails v6.0.2.2
  • PostgreSQL >= v9.6.17 ( is recommended as a one-click install for MacOS)
  • Redis

If you do not yet have Redis installed, follow instructions for your local platform to install Redis and be sure that Redis is up and running locally.

Clone the Gala codebase to your local machine:

git clone

Install the required Ruby gems:

bundle install

Install the required node packages:

yarn install

Create and seed your development and test databases:

rails db:setup
rails db:test:prepare

Cron jobs

The full-text case search is powered by a Postgres materialized view so it’s really fast. The consequence is that changes don’t appear in search results until the view is refreshed. Set a cron job or use Heroku Scheduler or the equivalent to run rake indices:refresh as frequently as makes sense.

To send a weekly report of usage data, run rake emails:send_weekly_report once per week.