Smooth scrolling experience for websites.
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Smooth scrolling experience for websites.

This is the standalone version of SmoothScroll for individual websites and themes.

Also available as a Mac app

Or as a Chrome extension

And Opera extension

- Picasa-like smooth scrolling
- Mouse wheel, middle mouse and keyboard support
- Arrow keys, PgUp/PgDown, Spacebar, Home/End
- Customizable step sizes, frames per second and more...
- Works with embedded content (PDF, flash)
- Full touchpad support
- Excluded pages list

People involved
- Balazs Galambosi (maintainer)
- Michael Herf     (pulse algorithm)

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Package managers:
  npm install smoothscroll-for-websites
  bower install --save smoothscroll-for-websites

Or grab the latest version from cdnjs (minified version also available):

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See the Wiki: