Generic functionality, utility classes and test-helper, that have been prooven to be useful in Java
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Generic functionality, utility classes and test-helper, that can be used to accomplish typical common tasks in a java project.

Integration with Maven

Just add the following dependency (see releases for latest version):




Various Supplier for eg. Long-sequences and random alphanumeric strings.


Logging facades and utilities, based on log4j2-api so they can be used with any logging-framework such as log4j, log4j2, logback, slf4j, etc..

  • Say - Facade to log without the need to declare a logger. Messages paramters can be passed as MDC/ThreadContext json-field (useful for logstash). Take a look at the examples.
  • Slogr - Retrieves the Slf4j Logger without passing the actual calling class, which is a typical copy&paste pitfall. Can be avoided by using Say.

  • CommonProxy - Simple wrapper for a proxy in the format [username[:password]@]host[:port]
  • UrlUtil - Decoding/encoding urls with Charset

  • Flux - A fluent http/rest-client interface for Java

  • MailMessenger - Sending multipart mails using a fluent interface.


  • AbstractTestParent - Resets the ApplicationClock and prints the name of each test-method executed
  • FixedDateSupplier - Sets the ApplicationClock to a fixed time (best used with Instants)
  • SimpleWebserverTestParent - Test containing an lightweight http-server (simpleframework).
  • Tests - Helping methods in tests for eg. loading and comparing test resources, some date assertions, test directory handling.


  • ApplicationClock - Clock that acts as time emitter for an application. Uses a java.time.clock.SystemClock (UTC) by default.
  • Durations - Utility class to handle and calculate human readable time durations, such as "2h 30m"
  • Instants - Fluent simplified time creation and modification.
  • Times - Fluent time comparision
  • Sleeper - Sleeps a duration (long or human readable String - as in Durations) without throwing an InterruptedException


Various common functionality, eg.

  • BOM - Adding and remove BOM (byteordermark) UTF-8 headers
  • Contained - Checks if an element is in an (vararg) array
  • Generics - Helper for generics, eg casting to get rid of unchecked warnings.
  • JvmUtil - Provides access to information about the currently running JVM and some process-control (eg. fluent Termination of JVM, ShutdownHook methods).
  • JmxUtil - Helpermethod to register MBeans
  • Measure - Measures and logs duration of Callable or Runnables, if required only every n-invokations.
  • MessageBox - Draws a nice messagebox to the logged output.
  • Pair - Simplified key/value class
  • Retryable - Runs a Callable or ExceptionalRunnable (Runnable with Exceptions) until it runs without Exception at least for the specified times of retries in a compact fluent manner.