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The Tribe

Our tribal values:

  • We believe that a primary goal of life is to maximize eudaimonia and to help others do the same.
  • We individuals own our own data, and can control its availability.
  • We believe in sharing and strength through interconnectedness.
  • We believe in transparency and accountability.
  • Our data is a powerful form of expression of our own identities, and we should be allowed to fully show and present that data identity and reputation in a free society.
  • We are each members of many tribes and have many identities and faces, and only through all layers combined can we be understood in context.
  • We believe in networked webs of people reinforcing validity of each others' information.
  • We believe in generativity through open source and open, linked, organized data.
  • We believe in economic incentives and positive externalities.
  • We believe in being fast and adaptive.
  • We individuals can balance the benefits of others, governments, and companies having data about us, against the benefits of retaining ownership, oversight, and privacy of our own data.
  • We individuals benefit from being more public and open, rather than less.
  • We individuals should be able to fully express ourselves by being honest, open, vulnerable, genuine, and caring.
  • We individuals, through sharing our own data, can benefit from what currently only governments and companies can exploit off of us.
  • Instead of rumors, gossip, credit ratings, etc. determining reputation, we can use data science, Moneyball, and a combination of quantification and qualification to build a more thorough reputation for ourselves that doesn't just rely on wealth and popularity.

Our ultimate goals:

  • We will become the standard for the world's 21st century reputation system.
  • We will give every human on Earth (and his internet of things) a reputation and identity.
  • We will marry quantification and qualification.
  • We will make social data and social capital household phrases.
  • We will be the example of open social information.
  • We will provide the model for transparency.
  • We will explore mechanisms for direct democracy.
  • We will organize everyone's personal data.