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Performance Analysis of Relational Databases, Object-Oriented Databases and ORM Frameworks.pdf

  1. Download play framework:
  2. Add it to your system path
  3. Install MySQL if needed
  4. Create a database and execute the table definition found at
  5. Download a .csv from, the 1987 is decent enough size (1m rows, but only 80 000 are needed currently). Place it in client/data
  6. Open server/conf/application.conf and enter the mysql details
  1. Open client/src/net/pixomania/dbtest/client/Main and change the line ArrayList<Flight> flights = Util.loadFlights(new File("C:\\Users\\Victor\\dbtest\\client\\data\\1987.csv")); to correspond with the absolute path to the .csv.
  2. Open a terminal window. cd into the server directory. Execute play compile followed by play start
  3. Run client/ (start MySQL prior)
  4. Program should now send 80 000 consecutive requests, and 80 000 rows should have been inserted into the database
  5. To shutdown the server after executing play start, press Ctrl-D, open a terminal and terminate the java process of the server, and then remove the RUNNING_PID from the server directory.

** Note: DB4o does not run on development (the play run command) and has to be tested in production (the play start command) **

Relationships implemented in branch 'relational'