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  1. hoth hoth Public

    Registry and deployment description abstraction for SOA-Services

    Ruby 9 4

  2. load-visible-images load-visible-images Public

    load only visible images via jquery

    JavaScript 7 1

  3. devise_couch_potato devise_couch_potato Public

    devise ORM adapter for couch_potato

    Ruby 6 1

  4. config_fu config_fu Public

    A very simple gem that allows environment specific configuration within a Rails application.

    Ruby 4 2

  5. ampel_server ampel_server Public

    Simple Merb Application to remotely control a traffic light connected via USB.

    Ruby 3

  6. thrift4rails thrift4rails Public

    A Gem which helps you using Thrift in a Rails app

    Ruby 3


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