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require 'rubygems'
require 'rake'
require 'jeweler' do |gem| = "simple_publisher"
gem.summary = %Q{Defines a simple pub/sub layer for interaction with the Starling message queue.}
gem.description = <<-DESC
More often than not you don't need a full fledged message queue like ActiveMQ
or RabbitMQ with a full size message format. For simple asynchronous distribution
tasks a very light weight persistent message queue like starling will be fine.
Nevertheless you want a more sophisticated interface to interact with than a
memcache interface. Simple Publisher tries to achieve exactly this: While using
Starling as the queuing system in the background we provide a messaging terminology
well know and understood. The terminology is strongly inspired by JMS which is
kind a defacto standard for messaging on the API-level.
DESC = ""
gem.homepage = ""
gem.authors = ["Dirk Breuer"]
gem.add_dependency "starling"
gem.add_dependency "system_timer"
gem.add_development_dependency "rspec", ">= 1.2.9"
rescue LoadError
puts "Jeweler (or a dependency) not available. Install it with: gem install jeweler"
require 'spec/rake/spectask' do |spec|
spec.libs << 'lib' << 'spec'
spec.spec_files = FileList['spec/**/*_spec.rb']
end do |spec|
spec.libs << 'lib' << 'spec'
spec.pattern = 'spec/**/*_spec.rb'
spec.rcov = true
task :spec => :check_dependencies
task :default => :spec
require 'rake/rdoctask' do |rdoc|
version = File.exist?('VERSION') ?'VERSION') : ""
rdoc.rdoc_dir = 'rdoc'
rdoc.title = "simple_publisher #{version}"