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🐳 The dockerized version.
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Galaxy of Drones Online Docker

Docker Pull Counter License: MIT

The dockerized version.

Getting Started

Before you start, you need to install the prerequisites.


  • Docker Engine: Version >= 1.13 for building and running
  • Docker Compose: for easy setup

Run with Docker Compose

1. Clone the repository:

git clone

2. Open the folder:

cd docker

3. Pull the latest image

docker pull galaxyofdrones/docker:latest

4. Start the containers

docker-compose up -d --no-build

5. Open the game in your browser

Note: If you don't see the page, please wait for initialization.


6. Generate the starmap

Estimated time: ~1 hour, Estimated size: ~4 GB

docker-compose exec app php artisan starmap:generate


The Galaxy of Drones Online Docker is licensed under the MIT license.

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