An Ansible role for automated installation of tools from a Tool Shed into Galaxy.
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This Ansible role is for automated installation of tools from a Tool Shed into Galaxy.

When run, this role will create an execution environment, install ephemeris and invoke the shed-install command to install desired tools into Galaxy. The list of tools to install is provided in files/tool_list.yaml file.


To use the role, you need to create a playbook and include the role in it. A sample playbook is available here that will get you up and running in minutes.


Required variables

Only one of the two variables is requried (if both are set, the API key takes precedence and a bootstrap user is not created):

  • galaxy_tools_api_key: the Galaxy API key for an admin user on the target Galaxy instance (not required if the bootstrap user is being created)
  • galaxy_tools_admin_user_password: a password for the Galaxy bootstrap user (required only if galaxy_install_bootstrap_user variable is set)

Optional variables

See defaults/main.yml for the available variables and their defaults.

Control flow variables

The following variables can be set to either yes or no to indicate if the given part of the role should be executed:

  • galaxy_tools_install_tools: (default: yes) whether or not to run the tools installation script
  • galaxy_tools_create_bootstrap_user: (default: no) whether or not to create a bootstrap Galaxy admin user
  • galaxy_tools_delete_bootstrap_user: (default: no) whether or not to delete a bootstrap Galaxy admin user