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@nsoranzo nsoranzo released this Aug 9, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

  • Dropped support for Python 3.4. Added support for Galaxy releases 19.01 and 19.05.

  • Updated requests-toolbelt requirement to >=0.5.1 to prevent failing of uploads to Galaxy (reported by m93).

  • Added toolshed attribute to GalaxyInstance and made toolShed an alias to it (reported by Miriam Payá).

  • Added uninstall_repository_revision() method to ToolShedClient (thanks to Helena Rasche, reported by Alexander Lenail).

  • Added maxwait parameter to HistoryClient.export_history() and History.export() methods.

  • Fixed handling of type parameter in HistoryClient.show_history() (thanks to Marius van den Beek).

  • Fixed handling of deleted parameter in LibraryClient.get_libraries() (thanks to Luke Sargent, reported by Katie).

  • Fixed LibraryClient.wait_for_dataset() when maxwait or interval parameters are of type float.

  • Unify JSON-encoding of non-file parameters of POST requests inside GalaxyClient.make_post_request().

  • Improvements to tests and documentation (thanks to Helena Rasche, selten and Pablo Moreno).

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