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Galaxy Community Hub

The Galaxy Community Hub ↗️ is the community and documentation website for the Galaxy Project↗️. The Hub is maintained by the community through this GitHub repository. To update the Hub, (1) visit the Hub "About" page↗️ and (2) view the links in this file Table of Contents.

About the Galaxy Project

To learn more about the Galaxy Project, visit the Hub "Home" page↗️.

Table of contents

  1. Structuring Content, Files, and URLs
    1. Markdown - How to format paragraphs and images
    2. File Organization and URLs - How to name files and structure URL paths
    3. Static and Dynamic Pages - How to display list of pages, custom layouts, and categorized pages
    4. Subsites - How to access existing subsites or start your own Hub subsite
  2. Contributing Content, Images, and Code (multiple options to publish changes)
    1. [Option 1] Editors - Do it all in Github
    2. [Option 2] Developers - Clone the repository (and run in your local environment)


The contents of the Galaxy Hub are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The code behind the infrastructure is licensed under the MIT License