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Galaxy Screencasts and Demos

Screencasts are one of several ways to learn how to use Galaxy. These video tutorials cover many aspects of Galaxy, from simple tasks like uploading data, to complex analysis.

Browse the screencasts at

Getting Started

Using Galaxy

Accounts on Main
registration, openIDs
Datasets 1 and Datasets 2 (pending)
icons, functions,
content, metadata,
basic workflows
Share or Publish
histories, workflows,
visualizations, pages,
publication support
Get Data: Upload File
browse, url, paste, ftp
Learning Resources
self-serve help
Managing Histories
saved histories, disk quotas
Using FTP
step-by-step, wiki
FASTQ Prep Illumina
jobs, FASTQ Groomer,
edit attributes, FastQC
Custom Genomes
format, how to load,
read more on wiki...

## Analysis

## Tutorials

Interval Operations tutorial

Also see [Learn/Interval Operations](/src/learn/Interval Operations/

Developers How To


  • [Galaxy2ENCODE](/src/learn/screencasts/GR2007 Screencasts/ - A framework for collaborative analysis of ENCODE data: Making large-scale analyses biologist-friendly (Genome Research 2007)
  • [Current Protocols in BioInformatics](/src/learn/screencasts/Current Protocols/ - Galaxy: Interactive Analyses of Genomic Data by Example
  • [Screencasts detailing analysis of data generated by Affymetrix tiling arrays](/src/learn/screencasts/Affy Screencasts/