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Galaxy, PAG, and GMOD Codefest
PAG Deadlines are this week

Galaxy @ PAG 2020

The 28th Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG 2020) will be held January 11-15, in San Diego, California. PAG is the largest ag-genomics meeting in the world, with over 3000 participants, and 5 days of programming.

Galaxy, as we do every year, will have a presence at PAG 2020, including a two hour workshop introducing the project and how to use the Galaxy platform. We'll also have a talk on the Galaxy Training Network, and if 2020 is anything like previous years (it will be), numerous other Galaxy-related presentations from the Galaxy Community.

We will add everything we know about, as we find about it, to the Galaxy @ Pag page. Watch that space.

PAG Deadlines this Week

If you work in agricultural research, then PAG is a very effective way to get the word out about the work you do, and we strongly encourage you to submit an abstract to PAG this week:

We particularly encourage you to submit an abstract to the Digital Tools and Resources track. This is a great way to demonstrate your Galaxy (and non-Galaxy) resources to the ag research community.

GMOD Codefest, January 9-10

The GMOD Project (which Galaxy is a member of) will be holding a two day codefest immediately before PAG starts. This is an opportunity to learn more about GMOD and to contribute to GMOD components and to the larger GMOD community as well.

If you have any project ideas for this event, then please add them here.

Post-PAG Codeathon ?

There are also rumors of a general bioinformatics Codeathon after PAG as well, possibly (or possibly not) sponsored by NCBI. If and when this event is confirmed, we will describe it here.

Hope to see you in San Diego,
[Dave Clements](/src/people/dave-clements/ and [Mo Heydarian](/src/people/mo-heydarian)
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