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Publicly Accessible Galaxy Servers

and counting

The Galaxy Project's public server ( can meet many needs, but it is not suitable for everything (see Choices for why). Fortunately the Galaxy Community is helping out by installing Galaxy at their institutions and then making those installations either publicly available or open to their organizations or community. This page lists publicly accessible Galaxy servers. To be included here a server must be accessible to any academic researcher anywhere in the world. Some servers may require logins and enforce quotas.

If you maintain a public instance of Galaxy it is recommended to sign up for the public servers mailing list to receive security fixes with priority.

**To add** your public Galaxy server to this list [describe the server here]( and we'll post it this directory.

Galaxy Services

There are also a number of Galaxy services that make Galaxy available to research communities, sometimes restricted on a geographical or domain basis. See the Galaxy services list.

Public ToolSheds

In addition to the the main Galaxy and Test ToolSheds, several groups have made their tools available through publicly accessibly ToolSheds.

Public Server Dashboard

The folks are Freiburg have put together a public Galaxy server dashboard to track the status and some of the supported features of the servers listed here. See the blog post for more info.