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NASA GeneLab is a comprehensive space-related omics database in which users can upload, download, share, store, and analyze spaceflight and corresponding model organism data.
Bioinformatics software platform (powered by Galaxy), including tools for performing sequence data processing, and differential gene expression and epigenetic analyses.
Must create an account to use the server. Anyone can create an account, but you will need a Google ID to create one.
[FAIRness and Usability for Open-Access Omics Data Systems](, Daniel C. Berrios, Afshin Beheshti, Sylvain V. Costes. AMIA 2018 Annual Symposium; 3-7 Nov. 2018
[Exploring the Effects of Spaceflight on Mouse Physiology using the Open Access NASA GeneLab Platform](, Afshin Beheshti, Yasaman Shirazi-Fard, Sungshin Choi, Daniel Berrios, Samrawit G. Gebre, Jonathan M. Galazka, Sylvain V. Costes. *Journal of Visual Experiments*, (143), e58447, doi:10.3791/58447 (2019).
The GeneLab science initiative is led by the [NASA Space Biosciences Division](, and the data system is managed by the [NASA Intelligent Systems Division]( both at [NASA Ames Research Center]( GeneLab is funded by [NASA’s Division of Space Life and Physical Sciences Research and Applications](
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