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Oqtans Galaxy Server
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Oqtans on AWS
Customized Galaxy, extended with machine learning based tools for sequence and tiling array data analysis.
The Oqtans tool suite is available as:
as a [public Galaxy instance](
as a [git repository](
most of these tools are moreover available from the Galaxy Toolshed
a preconfigured Amazon Machine Image (AMI, `ami-65376a0c`) and share string (`cm-ba5c56b95144e564f70e5762dc5fa177/shared/2013-11-07--22-16/`) to launch Galaxy CloudMan using sharing instance functionality.
Oqtans capabilities are shown with [Galaxy Pages]( for which all data, parameters, intermediate output, and final results are made public.<br />
For problems with any of the non-standard tools, please contact the [MLB Galaxy Support Team](mailto:galaxy AT raetschlab DOT org).
[Oqtans: The RNA-seq Workbench in the Cloud for Complete and Reproducible Quantitative Transcriptome Analysis](, by Sreedharan, *et al.,* *Bioinformatics* (2014), doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btt731
[Oqtans: a multifunctional workbench for RNA-seq data analysis](, Vipin T Sreedharan, Sebastian J Schultheiss, Géraldine Jean, André Kahles, Regina Bohnert, Philipp Drewe, Pramod Mudrakarta, Nico Görnitz, Georg Zeller and Gunnar Rätsch. *BMC Bioinformatics* 2014 15(Suppl 3):A7
[Oqtans: a Galaxy-integrated workflow for quantitative transcriptome analysis from NGS Data](, Sebastian J Schultheiss, Géraldine Jean, Jonas Behr, Regina Bohnert, Philipp Drewe, Nico Görnitz, André Kahles, Pramod Mudrakarta, Vipin T Sreedharan, Georg Zeller and Gunnar Rätsch. *BMC Bioinformatics* 2011 12(Suppl 11):A7, doi:10.1186/1471-2105-12-S11-A7
[Machine Learning in Biology (MLB) Group]( at [cBio@MSKCC]( in New York City, United States.
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