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public-server Server (Main)
The [Galaxy Project](/galaxy-project/) free public server; biomedical research
Strong on genomics; good central repository for shared Galaxy objects. See [Main](/src/main/ for more.
**[The Galaxy platform for accessible, reproducible and collaborative biomedical analyses: 2018 update](**, [Enis Afgan](/src/people/enis-afgan/, [Dannon Baker](/src/people/dannon-baker/, [Bérénice Batut](, [Marius van den Beek](, [Dave Bouvier](/src/people/dave-bouvier/, [Martin Čech](/src/people/marten/, [John Chilton](/src/people/john-chilton/, [Dave Clements](/src/people/dave-clements/, [Nate Coraor](/src/people/nate/, [Björn Grüning](/src/people/bjoern-gruening/, [Aysam Guerler](/src/people/guerler/, [Jennifer Hillman-Jackson](/src/people/jennifer-jackson/, [Vahid Jalili](/src/people/vahid-jalili/, [Helena Rasche](, [Nicola Soranzo](, [Jeremy Goecks](/src/people/jeremy-goecks/, [James Taylor](/src/people/james-taylor/, [Anton Nekrutenko](/src/people/anton/, and [Daniel Blankenberg](/src/people/dan/ *Nucleic Acids Research*, Volume 46, Issue W1, 2 July 2018, Pages W537–W544, doi:10.1093/nar/gky379
See [Citing Galaxy](/src/citing-galaxy/
[Galaxy Project Gitter Support Channel](
[Galaxy Help Forum](
Storage and computational quotas. See [Main](/src/main/ for details.
[Galaxy Project](/src/galaxy-project/
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