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Merge pull request #4671 from dannon/remove_debug

[17.09] Remove chatty debug statement
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jmchilton committed Sep 23, 2017
2 parents d1be9e6 + 2495cea commit 7896413b2b6a55ea99958504134ab6027baefbe8
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  1. +0 −1 lib/galaxy/jobs/actions/
@@ -308,7 +308,6 @@ def execute(cls, app, sa_session, action, job, replacement_dict):
safe_to_delete = True
for job_to_check in [d_j.job for d_j in input_dataset.dependent_jobs]:
if job_to_check != job and job_to_check.state not in [job.states.OK, job.states.DELETED]:
log.debug("Workflow Intermediates cleanup attempted, but non-terminal state '%s' detected for job %s" % (job_to_check.state,
safe_to_delete = False
if safe_to_delete:
# Support purging here too.

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