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Workflow parameterization

Updated May 15, 2019

Everything that is related to replacing the old #{workflow_parameters} and making workflows easier to manager

No description

User Interface Overhaul

Updated Apr 12, 2019

A board to track and more easily parallelize the work being done overhauling the UI (architectural changes, component rewrites to Vue, etc).

Remote Execution of Workflows/Jobs

Updated Jun 19, 2019

Progress toward GA4GH WES/TES style remote execution of workflows and jobs.


Updated Feb 6, 2019

No description


Updated Jul 8, 2019

Roadmap reflecting Galaxy Team priorities.

Discussed during Feb 2018 Galaxy Team Meeting


Updated Apr 8, 2019

No description


Updated Feb 27, 2018

Project for performance related items. Everything from speeding up boot times, to routes, etc.


Updated Jan 23, 2019

No description

Data Libraries

Updated Jul 15, 2019

Issues and PRs related to the Galaxy Data Libraries.

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