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Docfix: Update normalize help text to be scary.

Reflect the fact that I don't think the output should actually be meant to be a human readable tool (nothing but problems - see #125, #110, galaxyproject/tools-devteam#75).
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jmchilton committed Apr 14, 2015
1 parent e3d735c commit 08de8de3629fd1bfce919609bfa3f09279d152e3
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@@ -36,13 +36,16 @@
def cli(ctx, path, expand_macros=False, **kwds):
"""Generate normalized tool XML from input.
"""Generate normalized tool XML from input (breaks formatting).
This will break the formatting of your tool and is currently only intended
for viewing macro expansions for for use with XSD validation (see for instance). Please do not use
the output as is - it frequently makes tool less readable not more.
The top-level blocks will be reordered and whitespace fixed according to
the tool development best practices outlined on the Galaxy wiki.
See also
% # Print normalized version of tool.

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