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Fix Python 2.7ism in newer linting code.

Fixes #371 (thanks @peterjc).
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jmchilton committed Nov 9, 2015
1 parent dd94ddc commit c444855a08a68c4d716c70ada1e64a96e3f4cade
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  1. +17 −10 planemo_ext/galaxy/tools/linters/
@@ -26,24 +26,17 @@ def lint_inputs(tool_xml, lint_ctx):
lint_ctx.warn("Param input [%s] with no format specified - 'data' format will be assumed.", param_name)
# TODO: Validate type, much more...

def find_list(elem, expression):
matching = elem.findall(expression)
if matching is None:
return []
return matching

conditional_selects = tool_xml.findall("./inputs//conditional")
for conditional in conditional_selects:
booleans = find_list(conditional, "./param[@type='boolean']")
selects = find_list(conditional, "./param[@type='select']")
booleans = _find_with_attribute(conditional, "param", "type", "boolean")
selects = _find_with_attribute(conditional, "param", "type", "select")
# Should conditionals ever not have a select?
if not len(selects) and not len(booleans):
lint_ctx.warn("Conditional without <param type=\"select\" /> or <param type=\"boolean\" />")

for select in selects:
select_options = select.findall('./option[@value]')
select_options = select.findall(select, 'option', 'value')
if any(['value' not in option.attrib for option in select_options]):
lint_ctx.error("Option without value")

@@ -91,3 +84,17 @@ def lint_repeats(tool_xml, lint_ctx):
lint_ctx.error("Repeat does not specify name attribute.")
if "title" not in repeat.attrib:
lint_ctx.error("Repeat does not specify title attribute.")

def _find_with_attribute(element, tag, attribute, test_value=None):
rval = []
for el in (element.findall('./%s' % tag) or []):
if attribute not in el.attribute:
value = el.attribute[attribute]
if test_value is not None:
if value == test_value:
return rval

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